Welcome To HATCHIN N Scratchin

About our Salon
We are very excited about our services. We are a clinical salon. We do not offer medical advice or services. We do not cut, color, or style hair. We are dedicated to extracting thirsty blood suckers known as lice and nits.

Yes, those little creepy-crawlers have invaded sweet little heads all throughout the Pasadena area.

Take a breath!
Just the mention of head lice tends to give most people the heebie-jeebies‘. We are here to take your fear down a notch and eliminate the negative stigma associated with the tiny critters. Help educate and increase the awareness of lice and nits. Parents who are too creeped out or too busy to pick nits will be relieved Hatchin N Scratchin offers a new option. Make sure to review our products and services.
We are here to provide families with a comfortable, kid friendly environment.

We do not want children to be traumatized by this experience, but let them know:

Lice Happens!

It's not their fault.

Every child deserves a nit-free noggin.

So you're invited…. swing on in. We want to fill our salon with the licest people.

We are not looking for repeat business… just referrals.

Hope you never have a LOUSEY day but, if you do we‘re here for you!
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